An age-old and highly skilled trade, carpentry has evolved to incorporate improved building materials and construction methods. Modern-day carpenters find themselves working on a variety of projects that span both the residential and commercial sectors. A sound knowledge of the tools, materials, and building methods is therefore an indispensable requirement of the job.

Hoogle Skills FREE Carpentry course introduces the learner to the current practices in the trade. The first section of the course traces the history of the trade from the primitive to the modern times. It focuses on the various building materials, fasteners, adhesives, and tools used by carpenters in the construction industry.

A brief explanation of the safety guidelines and procedures is also covered in this section. The essential work performed by carpenters during the construction to the installation of windows, exterior doors and accessories.

Hoogle Skills FREE Carpentry course will be of great interest to beginners and professionals who want to learn about contemporary procedures and practices in carpentry. It will also be of interest to all learners who want to further develop their career in carpentry and the construction trade.