Hoogle Skills provides consultancy services in the areas of organizational alignment, talent management and service excellence. We offer solutions that are relevant, practical and customized to the specific needs of organizations. We have a team of consultants who are passionate about building organizational capability and are proven practitioners with extensive professional experience.

Organizational Alignment

1. Strategic Planning
2. Culture Building
3. Building Organizational Capability
4. Performance Management
5. Change Management

Talent Management

1. Succession Planning
2. Competency Profiling

Service Excellence

1. Service Excellence
2. Service Vision And Strategy
3. Service Touch Points & Mystery Audits

Hoogle Skills creates learning experiences which are specially designed to meet the contextual needs of our clients. We advocate frameworks to anchor concepts, our solutions reach into the person to build a sense of purpose, ownership and resilience.

As an individual progresses through various roles and functions, there are five key pillars of competencies that required: The degree of competencies need will vary according to the job challenge.

Manage Self

1. Personal Effectiveness
2. Solve Problems & Make Decisions
3. Present Ideas
4. Think Creatively
5. Communicate Effectively

Develop People

1. Coach And Develop People
2. Influence Others
3. Develop And Engage Team Members

Manage Operations

1. Manage Service Operations
2. Negotiate Successfully
3. Facilitate Meetings
4. Manage Projects
5. Manage Customer Experience

Manage Performance

1. Manage Staff Performance
2. Innovate & Improve Work Processes
3. Manage Finance

Provide Leadership

1. Think Critically & Strategically
2. Develop Strategy
3. Champion Change
4. Build Relationships
5. Build Culture to Support Strategy



Coaching & Coach

Coaching is most effective when there is change or need for change. Newness in perspective, newness in approach and newness in behaviors and actions are needed in the midst of change and transitions.

Coaching Services

- Executive Coaching for Senior Management
- Structured Leadership Development for High Potentials
- Professional Organizational Coach Training Workshops (POCT)

Professional Organization Coach Training

In today's highly competitive volatile and uncertain business environment, leaders are under even greater pressure to deliver results. At the same time, they are also expected to develop their people, grow bench strength and put in place solid succession plans.